“Be Still” lands on Nat. Geo.’s FB page.

Be Still - Lisa Cueman - Equestrian Photography

It was Easter Sunday afternoon and I was sitting on a beach in Florida with my husband and 1,000 other people enjoying the warmth and sunshine when I checked on my Facebook business page.  I had several new “likes” and a few comments about a shot of mine they saw on National Geographic’s FB page.  “Huh?  What shot?” I thought to myself.  I headed over to NG’s page and there it was, this image, featured on their facebook page with a few thousand “likes” and a couple of hundred comments.  It had only been posted for about one hour.  24 hours later, there had been 21,000+ likes, 4,000+ shares and 1000+ comments, a huge spike in visits to my web site and a big increase in followers on my FB page. I was just blown away!  So how did it all happen? Since I have been asked this question a number of times, I thought I would blog about it as well.   A friend of mine and an outstanding photographer/journalist, Robyn Gianni, had one of her images featured on NG’s Photo of the Day.  She told me about their submission process so I decided to give it a go.   I set up an account for the “My Shot” submissions in January and began submitting one image a month, the main requirement.  My first image, seen below, was selected later that month as a pick for the Daily Dozen.  In March, I submitted “Be Still” and it too was selected for the Daily Dozen feature which, in both cases, has been a big thrill.  On April 8th, someone working at National Geographic decided to post “Be Still” on their FB page.  When you think about how many images they must see in a day, I feel incredibly honored to have had them showcase not only one, but two images.  I have also had the pleasure of conversing with people from all over the world because of this exposure and I cannot thank National Geographic enough!

National Geographic Magazine Screen Shot


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  1. Congrats, so exciting! LOVE your work Lisa!

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