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October’s Equine Calendar

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 12.59.37 PM

“At a Glance” ~

“A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves – strong, powerful, beautiful – and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence. ~ Pam Brown

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September Desktop Calendar

september calendar

September! Is it really here? I always meet it with a ting of sadness as Labor Day soon arrives marking the end of Summer, my favorite time of year. Summer never lasts long enough for those of us in the New England states. However, there is always much to look forward to with the change into Fall – crisp cool mornings, beautiful light, cooler temperatures, apple picking….. etc. The image above, “Evening Grazer”, is of one the wild horses in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and was taken in the beautiful September evening light of the Outer Banks. For the horses there, they too enjoy cooler temps, gentle breezes, a decrease in flies, and longer more succulent grasses. It is a beautiful time of year no matter where you are.

As always, please feel free to share this calendar and enjoy the the lingering of summer-like days that one cherishes like the first ones in each year.

Clicking the image above will download it to your computer. A larger version of the calendar can be download in the link as well.

June’s Equine Art Calendar

June Fine Art Equine Calendar

June appeared to have snuck up on me. My apologies for the delay in posting this. This image, titled “Mustang Pride”, is of a rescued wild mustang that lives at an amazing sanctuary in California called Return to Freedom. They were early advocates to save this country’s wild mustang populations and now have one of the strongest voices for the cause. Now with the emergency water situations facing California, they could use your help in ensuring a continued water supply to their sanctuary. Clicking on this link will provide you with how you can help.

Enjoy this month’s image as a complimentary download and feel free to share it.

May’s Equine Art Calendar

Lisa Cueman, equine photography, horse art, horse photography, outer banks wild horse

The commanding stallion, Wavelength, from the wild horse population in the Outer Banks.

Happy May everyone! With it’s arrival we hope we have seen the last of our long winter and our thoughts can truly turn to enjoying more of the outdoors. This month’s image is of the formidable stallion, Wavelength, that lives on the Rachael Carson Reserve in the Outer Banks. Stunningly handsome, he clearly is the commanding stallion whose mere presence signals a wide berth be given by the other resident herds. Enjoy and please feel free to share.

This is a free and downloadable calendar for your desktop and can be downloaded now by clicking on this line.

April’s Equine Calandar

Outer Banks wild horses, horse art, equine art

In celebration of Spring, this month’s image, of a wild born foal in the Outer Banks of North Carolina basking in the warmth of the sun, symbolizes all the many joys of Spring, none of which is more precious than a new life. This little filly will likely live its life as Mother Nature intended – wild and free to be.  Happy Spring!

To download the image to your desktop, click on the image or for a larger version, click on the highlighted text to download. Enjoy and please share.


March Desktop Equine Calendar

March Equine Calendar

“Backscape”, taken in the Vermont winter of 2009.

While March brings the promise of a close to a relentlessly cold winter, here in Vermont, it has been snowing all day long. The best we can hope for is “in like a Lion, out like a lamb”. It is still beautiful to me and I am not yet tired of the abundance of snow and it’s frequent refresh but I think I am pretty much in the minority at this point.  This month’s image is one of my very early images taken in my career as an equine photographer and one of the few from way back then that I still love. Hope you enjoy it as well and please feel free to share this calendar with a friend.

Clicking on the image above will download it. A larger version of the calendar can be downloaded in this link.

February’s Equine Calendar

February 2015 Equine Calendar - Lisa Cueman Equestrian Photography

Happy Monday from a blizzard engulfed Vermont. This is the weather that those of us who live here year round love! We love it for the conditions it provides on the mountains, we love it for the quietness it gives the outdoors and we love it for the beauty it provides our eyes which in turns feeds our souls.  I hope you enjoy it and the month that lies ahead.

Please click on the image above to download. For a larger version, download the calendar from here.



June’s Desktop Calendar is here!

After a few technical know-how glitches, I think I’m back on track with the June’s desktop calendar.  June’s image celebrates the new life that is born each year into the safe haven that the wild horses of the Outer Banks enjoy. It is ready to be downloaded onto your computer anytime you are ready.  Enjoy!

June 2014 Desktop Calendar - Lisa Cueman Equestrian Photography

April’s Desktop Calendar

Beginning this month, I will be publishing a desktop calendar designed to be enjoyed on your desktop or mobile device.  Each month with be a different image of a horse from my different collections and some from my travels that don’t necessarily become a part of my portfolio.  Download them. Enjoy them. Share them. And as always, feel free to comment on them.

wild horse from Outer Banks - April 2014 calendar - Lisa Cueman Equestrian Photography

‘Seabreeze’ by Lisa Cueman