Helmholz Fine Art at the Longines Masters New York

Lisa Cueman Heads to the Longines Masters NY at NYCB LIVE

Lisa Cueman’s most recent body of work focuses on the wild horses of North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Descendants of the Spanish mustangs, these horses have adapted to the region’s frequent storms and harsh climate, thriving amid its stunning waters and native flora.

Longines NYC

Longines Masters of New York Rides Into New York in April, With Tickets On Sale Now

Tickets went on sale today for the much-anticipated debut of The Longines Masters of New York, which will ride into New York April 26-29, 2018. Fans can … mingle amongst the awe-inspiring, equestrian-themed artwork on display by Rita Dee and Lisa Cueman from Helmholz Fine Art …

Outer Banks North Carolina Horses

The Outer Banks of North Carolina

Lisa returns to the Outer Banks of North Carolina every year, photographing the herds and personalities that she has become so familiar with over time. If there was ever an environment that combined all the elements that Lisa is passionate about, it would be in this tiny segment of protected barrier islands where the dynamics […]

Helmholz Fine Art Presents The Spirited Horse

  In the Summer edition of Stratton Magazine.

Horse & Hound – Equine Enthusiasm by Marisa Crumb

  Equine Enthusiasm, by Marisa Crumb. An excellent article as it appeared within Horse and Hound Magazine.

The Scout Guide Feature : Capturing “The Untamed Horse”

If you are captivated by Lisa’s imagery from the Outer Banks this Scout Guide Feature is a must read. It goes into detail about the journey Lisa has gone on from the beginning to all the details in between. An additional treat is the iPhone video at the bottom of the article, you can’t help […]

The Manchester Journal: ‘The Untamed Horses’ ride into town

  The Manchester Journal posted an article detailing the exciting collaboration between Lisa Cueman and sculptor/painter Rita Dee. Opening Friday July 16, 2016 at the Helmholz Fine Art in Manchester, the two talented artists will combine their expertise and love for horses for an incredible art exhibit you won’t want to miss! Click here to […]

The Scout Guide Feature

The Scout Guide Equestrian published an article featuring Lisa Cueman’s most recent return trip to North Carolina’s Outer Banks. “Finding Wavelength in The Outer Banks.” It’s a must read as this trip turned out to be unlike any of her previous trips from the past 5 years. Lisa so eloquently and creatively describes her experience […]

Let’s Talk TV Show Interview

gnat TV host Salley Gibney interviews art equine photographer, Lisa Cueman, who shares what it’s like photographing the wild horses on the Outer Bank, Lisa’s background and how she got into her special type of photography.

Horse Show Time – The Pan Am Games

This is one of my very early images on the road to developing an eye — it is a tighter crop of an image that included most of the rider, except I didn’t quite get all of her head. I loved the form of the horse more than anything and played around with different crop […]

Shutterbug Magazine Interview

Wild Horses: Lisa Cueman Celebrates Their Survival By Jay McCabe To photograph the wild horses of the Outer Banks of North Carolina you have to deal with the fact that they are indeed wild and thus not particularly welcoming of a photographer’s attention. Read the full interview

Foto-4-All Digital Publication Interview’s Lisa

Thank you Foto-4-ALL for this thought provoking interview and beautiful layout. Excerpt: Winston Churchill, also quoted on Lisa’s Cueman website, once said that “there is something about the outside a horse that is good for the inside of the man.” And looking at her images, I can only agree. Simple images, forms that are explored, […]