Show Time!

It’s  showtime here in southern Vermont as the area plays host to the 6-week Vermont Summer Festival Horse Show in East Dorset. The rings have been groomed, greenery installed, mobile offices in place and twelve, gigantic, blue and white tents that offer cover to the temporary stalls have been erected. Horse vans big and small have arrived to unload their precious cargo into the stalls to partake in the first week culminating today with the first Grand Prix of the six-week show. It is a great horse show and has come a long way since its early start as a two week show some 20+ years ago. Even with all its growth, it still maintains a relaxed feel and with so much to do outside of the showgrounds, the event offers families an opportunity to enjoy a little R&R during the non-show days of Monday and Tuesday. I always look forward to its arrival and the myriad of photographic opportunities it offers and if you are in the area, be sure to stop by with Sundays being Grand Prix day, scheduled for a 1:00pm start.