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Lisa Cueman Photography – A Lifelong Celebration of the Horse as Art

On Black

Lisa Cueman has established herself as a leading fine art equine photographer with a special style that captures the true essence and spirit of the horse, both domestic and wild. Far more than mere black and white horse photography, Lisa's horse art is a true celebration of these wonderful creatures’ interaction with their surroundings and each other. The simple look of the eye…the almost imperceptible movement of the mane in the breeze or the gorgeous muscle tone glistening in the sun all come together to tell a beautiful and powerful story behind the horse in the image. It’s impossible to come away unaffected by her photographs in some way.

Evening Grazer

Lisa has travelled far and wide to bring horse photography to life. Her ongoing chronicle of the Outer Banks Wild Horses has earned her a special place among the photography art elite. Her horse photography has been featured in prestigious online and print publications and her equine photography prints are represented in art galleries across the country.

This website showcases much of Lisa Cueman’s equine photography. Please feel free to visit her portfolio of artistic equine photography. Her blog is regularly updated with articles, news and horse photos. While you’re there be sure to take advantage of her free monthly calendar pages, which you are welcome to download. Each one features one of her horse prints. They’re perfect for anyone who worships these incredible animals.

Lisa returns to the Outer Banks of North Carolina every year, photographing the herds and personalities that she has become so familiar with over time. If there was ever an environment that combined all the elements that Lisa is passionate about, it would be in this tiny segment of protected barrier islands where the dynamics of the herds are in as much flux as the barrier islands, constantly changing with the ebb and flow of the sands and sea. This BBC produced video beautifully captures the magnificence of the environment that these wild horses have called home for centuries.

All images of Lisa’s equine photography are available as fine art prints. Please contact Lisa or one of the fine art galleries that represent her work for more information.