Show Preparations


Today I am hanging nine images at The Southern Vermont Arts Center in preparations for a solo show, tittled Unforeseen Equine, that opens on July 23rd in Manchester, Vermont, and I can honestly say the last two months of preparations have been incredibly stressful. This is not my first show but it is the first show in which I have stepped out of my comfort zone in how I present my images thus making every step beyond the choosing of the images unfamiliar. I worked with a well known lab in New York City, Duggal Visual Solutions, traveling back and forth to check on the various steps of producing a finished piece. Six of the nine images are being displayed using what is known as a Gallery Plexiglas mount, used extensively by artists, but just not me. The image is face mounted onto 1/4″ plexiglas and backed with sintra (material compound) board with a ¾”wood brace secured to the back. The wood brace elevates the image off the wall, creating a floating appearance. It is a very contemporary presentation but one that I love as there is nothing but the image to look at. No mat, no frame. With all the steps but one behind me, I will be breathing a bit easier at the end of today. There is an artist reception on the 23rd from 2-4 pm and if you find yourself in the neighbourhood, please stop in and say hi.